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New Releases for 2012

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The EvangeBall Soccer Ball Only $18.99

The EvangeBall Soccer Ball The Wordless Book Ball

EvangeBall - Soccer (Size 5) Use the five colors of the Wordless Book to turn sports into fun evangelism and outreach opportunities.


English to Spanish Dictionary Only $3.15

English to Spanish Dictionary Pocket Translator

English to Spanish dictionary! A must for ministering in Spanish speaking countries! An brief introduction will set you off on a crash course in Spanish. Giving you a brief overview of how to pronounce key vouls in the Spanish alphabet. The first few Spanish phrases are spelled out phonetically, to help you get the hang of reading and pronouncing the translated phrases.

Included in the back of the Dictionary is an evangelistic outline, along with a bridge illustration. When sharing a Bible, and Christ with someone, you can have them read the appropriate Scriptures in their new Bible and illustrate it with the pictures.