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English to Spanish Dictionary
Only $3.15

English to Spanish Dictionary Pocket Translator

English to Spanish dictionary! A must for ministering in Spanish speaking countries! An brief introduction will set you off on a crash course in Spanish. Giving you a brief overview of how to pronounce key vouls in the Spanish alphabet. The first few Spanish phrases are spelled out phonetically, to help you get the hang of reading and pronouncing the translated phrases.

Included in the back of the Dictionary is an evangelistic outline, along with a bridge illustration. When sharing a Bible, and Christ with someone, you can have them read the appropriate Scriptures in their new Bible and illustrate it with the pictures.


U Act 2 GREEN Drama Resource DVD/CD
Only $9.99

U Act 2 GREEN Drama Resource DVD/CD Theme: TIME

Look around, what do you see? Do you see people remembering the future or living just for today? If we are honest, most people would admit that they live for today. This collection of SIX dramas is all about “Time”. What we do today will affect the future. As you Picture, Practice and Perform this collection remember that your listeners and watchers have been given a gift called “Time.” Help them to see how they can and should spend their “Time”.


Special Events for Youth Groups
Only $14.99

Special Events for Youth Groups by Youth Specialties

More than 400 creative events for community building, outreach, and fun! - Food Events . . . If there's one thing kids know and appreciate, it's food. Here's everything from elegant fetes to slobfests galore. - Games and Sports Events . . . You don't have to be a jock to have fun playing these sporting events.


Camps, Retreats, Missions, & Service Ideas for Youth Groups
Only $19.49

Camps, Retreats, Missions, & Service Ideas for Youth Groups by Youth Specialties

Missions . . . Because even foreign mission work can start within our own borders, you'll find dozens of ideas for helping overseas missionaries right here at home. Nearly 200 ideas for planning meaningful, memorable experiences for your kids! -Camps & Retreats . . . The drive up the mountain . . . The opening talk . . . The outdoor activities . . . The closing fireside -- here's a lodgeful of ideas for organizing successful camps and retreats.