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Bilingual VBS Digital Download

These lessons are a guide. Please feel free to use them in a way that best suits your group. If your group is especially good at puppets, miming, or drama, for example, please use these gifts.

Use a translator to read the lesson in spanish, or read the bible passage from a spanish bible and have your group act out the story!

Within 12 hours of your purchase of this digital resource, you will be emailed a user name, and password along with instructions to down load your VBS lessons for reproduction. These lessons are in Adobe Acrobat format, allowing you cut and paste. Please include a valid email with your order, your link to download this resource will be emailed within 12 hours after purchase. With the purchase of these materials you have authority by the author to make copies of the material within your given organization, understanding that the organization is defined as one body in one central location (as opposed to one organization having groups across a state or country).

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